Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hockey, Birth Plans and Hospital Tours... oh my!

Tom has been doing a ton of work around the house to get ready for the baby. He put together the crib and it looks great. It is kind of strange to have a crib in the house a few months before the baby, but I figure we should get used to seeing it. Gi Gi and my Dad bought us a sheet set to decorate the crib and we are anxiously awaiting it. I bet it is absolutely adorable.

We received the baby shower cards that Tom designed, from my Uncle Keith, the printer, and they are so cute. They are one-sided postcards and Tom set up the rsvp link here on the blog! I will be addressing them and sending them out (hopefully) on Monday. So, check your mailbox and reply back here!
Speaking of Thomas, he is getting really big! I measured 24 inches at the doctor this week and have a ton of new pictures that need to be scanned and posted here. We are going to a maternity ward tour of the Good Samaritan Hospital today. We are very excited and hope that it meets our expectations of our birth experience expectations. I plan on delivering naturally as long as there aren't any complications that would require me to have a C-Section. I am vehemently against the C-Section and medicated birth, so I hope everything goes as planned.

Tom and I are looking into getting a doula for the big day, so we can focus on each other and our doula can focus on supporting our birth plan and talking with the Doctors. I also do not want to deliver on my back, I would prefer alternative positions that allows Tom to be a part of the experience and have gravity work with my body to help deliver, such as squatting, kneeling and on all fours.

Two neat things happened last night, Thomas went to his first hockey game. I think it was a little to loud for his liking because he kept flipping and turning. I have never felt him move so much! We also got confirmation from the Rabbi, Rabbi Berger, that he will officiate our ceremony. SO exciting! This means we have a date and a Rabbi. The two hard things are done, now onto the million small things that have to be accomplished.


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  1. Be careful when looking for a doula. Know your hospitals standpoint on hired labor support. Most hospitals do not allow doulas to make decisions on behalf of their clients and are less than friendly to the idea of labor support communicating directly with them.

    As a Doula I am hired as support for the family. Making sure that partners get rest and the laboring mama has the information and power she needs to make educated decisions when confronted by medical professionals. I however NEVER voice my opinion to medical staff or my clients during labor. Its is not the place of a professional doula. Nor should it be. A doula that claims, or tries to communicate even the mothers wishes to the hospital staff runs a high risk of being removed from the situation.

    Look for someone that will spend plenty of time (2 or more appointments) talking with you about your choices before the birth and that is clear on supporting you in voicing your decisions during labor. While she may not be able to say "yes" or "no" for you She can teach you and your partner to ask questions and weigh the risks rationally.

    good luck! and I look forward to reading more about you on the offbeat mama blogs.