Monday, February 8, 2010

Thomas Thomas Thomas!

I am getting excited for my baby shower. We are still deciding on the date and once we don, we will have the invitations out soon! Since I am high risk, we are planning the baby shower earlier than usual just in case he decides to meet us early.
My close friend Rebecca has taken on the saintly task of organizing my baby shower. We both agree that we want to avoid the whole super baby-centric baby shower and go with a more adult feel and celebration. We plan on having some good food, good company and hope to have my friends and family collaborate in making a plaster belly cast of my stomach. Rebecca suggested using all of my weekly ultrasound pics and making a game with the goal of figuring out what we are seeing. I have my ultrasound technician in on this, so it should be pretty funny. We are also thinking about having people make onsies for Thomas. He is definitely going to be a styling baby!

I am even more excited for Thomas to be here! I cannot wait to meet him. Our weekly ultra-sounds are going great so far and he almost has the same sleeping schedule as me. He loves to kick me all evening, but he usually falls asleep when I do. G. Grandma Elsie has told us that she is buying us a crib, which for me starts the beginning of really preparing for the baby and getting his room ready.
Well, Thomas and I are tired early. I think it is because I grew 3 inches around last week alone!


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