Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thomas and His Fish Fry

Tom and I had a fun,fun weekend! Since about 20 weeks, I have been feeling great! We finally spent a weekend on the town with the Cincinnati Rollergirls. We went to the third annual God n' Cod party-- A birthday party for our friends Liz, Lauren and Lisa. We went to a local church fish fry and bowling. Saturday we went to see Alice in 3D imax and Sunday we practiced bout casting while watching CRG scrimmage OHRG and went to Findlay Market!
Here are some hilarious Thomas Pictures from the weekend. Thomas eating Fish at the Church, Thomas and his bowling ball and Thomas and a waffle from Findlay Market!

I definitely think the nesting instinct has kicked in because I have been really focused on getting everything ready for Thomas. Tom and I took the trip to IKEA to get Thomas a dresser and we started putting together the baby room last night. I think it is all starting to come together. We also received some adorable wash clothes from my Aunt Flo and Aunt Cheryl. Check these out! They were so yummy looking, I wanted to eat em.

As for Thomas, he seems like he never sleeps! He moves so much and so forcefully that other people can see him moving. I feel like I am staring in the movie Aliens. ugh. We had our last weekly ultrasound this week and I don't have to go back to the doctor for two whole weeks. I am so excited.


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