Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthing Class and More

The roller girl baby shower was awesome! We played some fun games, ate some good food and laughed... a lot! The girls totally spoiled Thomas, he even got a diaper, four-tiered cake! I will have pictures soon, I promise. While at the derby baby shower, Tom put his plotter and artistic skills together to make some amazing and hilarious CRG signs for our first bout. Lets just say nobody is going to miss these!

Speaking of CRG, they whooped up on Naptown last weekend in a closed scrimmage and will play another closed scrimmage this sunday against OHRG. I am 100% positive they will bring the pain again!

Tonight is our first natural birthing class. I think Tom and I are both excited, yet unsure of what they will have us do. I hope we meet some people around our age and taste so Thomas can have some friends to play with. We had the same hope for the hospital maternity tour, but at 25 and 31 we were the youngest ones there by far!

The guys at the office are getting ready to leave for SXSW and I opted to stay back and take care of the office. I think I am kind of regretting that decision, but when all of this went into planning, I was unsure of how my pregnancy was going to go and I didnt want to sign up for five nights of music and partying in my third trimester. I would have missed CRG's first home game of the season too which wasn't going to happen!


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