Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Showers?

Wow, this has been a busy week. I have been slacking on updating. I had my baby shower and it was a blast. Rebecca did an excellent job setting everything up and coming up with games for us to play. At the shower, we had a station where people could color using crayons and glitter, a baby in utero. I think Tom's redition of Thomas was the best, but hey, I am biased. We played a baby "Rorschach" test where party goers had to guess what was being shown in an ultra sound picture. The winners of all games were given hilarious certificates of achievement.

All the people I used to work with at Essencha threw me a baby shower dinner at Green Papaya. It was so yummy. I feel so spoiled by my friends! Thomas is one lucky baby.

In between these baby showers, Tom and I went to every roller derby practice to practice text bout casting for last nights game. The girls played really great; we won one game and lost one. The Sheep had a heartbreaking loss against San Diego ( the same team we played against for my last pre-pregnant game and won) caused by jammer trouble in the box within the last five minutes. ahhhhhhhh!

Tom has been busy around the house getting everything clean and ready for Thomas, reading his birthing partner book and going with me to birthing class. Thomas loves it when Tom gets close to my stomach and talks to him. He always moves towards the sound. On Tuesday, I have to take my dreaded glucose test. I am not looking forward to chugging a high fructose corn syrup drink and giving my blood AT ALL! bleck.

Other than that, all is great on the Thomas front. At 32 weeks they will have me come in twice a week for fetal monitoring which consists of being on a monitor for 30 mins at a time to makes sure Thomas is moving properly since his home is smaller than the average babies. Hopefully my last 3 months will go smoothly as well! This high risk business sucks. :P

I am off to write thank you notes!

Here are some baby shower pics: Look Ma I'm wearing yellow!

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