Monday, January 11, 2010

We're registered!

Whew, we did it! ( A little early) Registering for baby stuff was harder than we thought. It required a lot of thinking and planning; what will we actually need? Brands? Sizes? Colors? Cloth diapers( hey, where the hell are they anyways!)

Tom and I have been weighing the pros and cons of cloth diapering and I was hoping to put them on my registry, but Target and Babies R' Us didn't seem to have any. I guess we will just go to Park and Vine to snag some later.

And what is with all the pink and blue. Trying to avoid gendering our baby right of the bat may be a harder task than I originally thought! EVERYTHING is blue or green with very masculine decals--trucks, baseball mits, and lions!

Anyways, Here are the links
Babies R' Us

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