Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Middle Names and Show off Babies

Well, Thomas is a show off. I guess when you have parents like us, that is bound to happen. At his ultrasound on Monday, he did a full flip followed by crossing his legs, scratching his face and waving. What a weirdo! Here are the new ultra sound pictures. He actually looks like a baby in these :P.

Last night when my Dad was in town, the 3 and a half of us went to Biaggio's Bistro--Yummy food as always. My Dad told us an interesting story about my paternal grandfather Bernard Charles Kaplan (and the middle name sake of thr3kr). He told us that in fact, his name was Charles Bernard Kaplan, but his name was printed wrong on his birth certificate. This got me thinking that maybe we would name our baby Thomas Charles Reed instead of Thomas Bernard Reed. As a little homage to the naming mishap. What do you guys think?


  1. CUTE!

    great now i can call him ....

    star-chuck vs starbucks or
    tommy chuck or oh - my fav

    Chuck-T (yep that's it... i will now call him.... Chuck-T)

  2. I like both names - what a precious site - those pics are beautiful!