Monday, January 25, 2010

Lots of Changes!

This past week has been busy and the next week will bring us a ton of changes! This weekend we are moving into a two bedroom in the same building and I can't wait to start designing the baby room!

I had my weekly ultrasound today and it appears that Thomas is mostly on the right side of my body because of my neato *sarcasm* uterus and he has been in breech presentation for two weeks now. He is super, duper active and gave the ultrasound technician a hard time checking his organs, but they are all there and looking great. They will continue seeing me once a week until 26 weeks and then from 32 weeks on they will see me twice a week, since I am at high risk for pre-term labor. buh :(
We did get a picture of his face with an open mouth smile! He is such a ham! He was moving his mouth the whole time. Daddy Tom is scanning in this picture and we will post it as soon as we can.

I received this email today, so it looks like I am having my first baby shower on March 6th and I am super excited to share it with my rollergirls! :

We have a barrel of roller babies marinating in some skater ovens and it's time we threw them a party! ...only because we waited too long to be able to throw them down the stairs! (Just Kidding!)

Bundled Baby Shower for Candy Kickass, Mae C Stars, & Ruffn the Passer

When: Saturday, March 6th
Time: Afternoon (specifics TBD)
Where: The Awesome New Warehouse (duh!)

AND we just received notice that Gi-Gi (my mom's grandmothery name) is out of surgery and doing well! So we are all happy over here!

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